Thursday, 22 November 2012

After 2 months of my pc crashing every time I went in arma2 I now have solved the problem and can use my pc again.

So I have got back to work on Waziristan today I placed the Afghan op towers on the border and put in a uk main operating base on the west side of the terrain adding a long snaky road up and over the mountain to join the west to the main road.

I have added more mountain terraces to a few areas these will get more detail later on more place holders of good terrain spots for towns at the moment, all main roads are in I just have to smooth a bit of road here and there.

I might sort out the tree formations to as I am not to happy with bits of it as i am trying to get Afghan type small bushes and trees on the west with mixed rock ledges going over to waziristan pine trees and bushes on the west with a mix of both in the middle highest ground to have less trees bushes and more rocks and dead trees.
from this to this

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