Friday, 16 November 2012

List of my addons

Hi all and welcome to my blog from today I will be updating this daily with images and maybe some vids

I am trying to get more detail into arma2 as most towns lack the lived in feeling and objects to match.

I have a lot of ground to cover from the amount of addons I have made and used from freely available models on the net and arma1 sample models so I will be listing all the work I have done here.

Ied pack 
This pack contains all Home made explosives components for making ied's they come as buried objects too for a way to hide them below ground and items for civi ai to carry around as illegal items.

Angel wire
Battery 9v
Car battery
cell phone
fertilizer Ied cell phone activated
command wire ied
ammo boxes
various pressure plates
fertilizer and chlorine containers
burlap sacks
gas cylinda ieds
disturbed ground
ied markers piles of stones
radio detonator and blast caps
at ieds

Artillary pack
Artillary computer for counter battery fire missions
m119 arty gun can be folded up and moved comes with computer on board
ANA D30 packed up

Afghan objects pack
car parts
garage objects
raw opium bags
gas cylindas
comms tower
market stalls 5 types
plastic containers
Ration packs
various posters and billboards and signs
taliban flag waziristan taliban flag
pallets of cash us dollars
concrete barriers
body parts
market stalls 5 types
water bottles

UK objects pack 
billboards signs posters
washing machine
wall murials
scaffold and building site equipment
street cabinets
peace wall
green tin fencing ni gates
buildings 10 types
Ni police station and towers
Tv studio set up with cameras
cctv cameras

Rock pack
Rocks and tunnels with some iragation ditches 40 types

Vehicle pack
Panther 2 clv plus a trailer
t72 afghan warlord
2 semi rigs and 10 trailers
qt bolan landie
destroyed cars and trailers
hilux and datsun 10 types
tractor from arma1
ural bombtruck

Buildings pack
Afgan destroyed buildings 10 types
shops 5 types
20 types of hesco op and bunkers living quarters and cp

Afghan Walls pack
Various walls some are damaged

Sound pack 
Afghan sounds icom chatter
3 Uk idf alarms
Street sounds
Air traffic control samples
Uk icom chatter

Still more to be added only got half of the addons listed today

Terrain list 

Abbottabad Pakistan 1km x 1km
Belfast northern Ireland 2 km x 2 km
Sangin summer Afghanistan 5 km x 5 km
Sangin winter Afghanistan 5 km x 5 km
Serria Leon  Africa 10 km x 10 km
Stanta training ground uk 1 km x 1 km
Waziristan Pakistan 10 km x 10 km

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