Friday, 16 November 2012

7XBRF-GU officially up and open to recruiting

Hi all I thought I would quickly let you know about our new GU that is now up and running

TS server  7th Armoured Brigade Reconaissance Force - GU
Server details 7XBRF-GU

Welcome to the 7th Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Force Gaming Unit, known hereafter as 7XBRF-GU.

Why BRF, what does it mean?

BRF - "Brigade Reconnaissance Forces (BRFs), are formations that carry out ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance). BRFs act as their Brigade's eyes and ears, often operating far ahead of the main units. BRFs typically comprise of reconnaissance specialists plus attached artillery spotters, forward air controllers, snipers, medics, sappers, EOD specialists etc."

BRFs are established to become a permanent feature of each Brigade (Bde) of the British army for deployment on operations in Afghanistan, the name they adopt is typically taken from their parent Brigade. 7XBRF-GU is therefore based around the real units of the 7th Armoured Brigade (The desert rats).

What are the main elements of the 7XBRF-GU?

The 7XBRF-GU primarily has a main fighting force (the BRF) and support assets. 1st and 2nd Troop from a Formation Reconnaissance (FR) squadron (Sqn) of the 9th/12th Lancers armoured cavalry regiment form the basis of the 7XBRF-GU. These two troops are mirrored and supported by a Fire Support Group from an infantry platoon (Pl) from 4 Scots Guards. Integrated with these 3 main force elements are a Fire Support Team (FST) and Desert Hawk 3 (DH3) detachment acting as key enablers to provide specialist Joint Fires support from supporting air and land assets and immediate surveillance and target acquisition through the use of the DH3 Unmanned Air System.

The main force element of the 7XBRF-GU primarily deploy mounted in Jackals, however they will also deploy in the dismounted close combat role when required and conduct fast air assault operations to disrupt enemy forces when terrain and time restraints affect mission planning.
On all missions and operations the main force element (the BRF) will require additional support from air and land assets found within 7XBRF-GU. An Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) will provide both fixed wing and rotary aviation to provide Close Air Support (CAS), Close Combat Attack (CCA), Combat Service Support (CSS) and Air manoeuvre support. Elements of N and D Battery, 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery will provide indirect fire support (IDF) and manpower for the FST and DH3 Det found within the BRF.

What can you do in the 7XBRF-GU?

For each new member joining the 7XBRF-GU there is a diverse range of roles and career streams to follow to suit most preferences of game play. Machine-gunners, Troop Commanders, Snipers, IED Search Team Engineers, Attack helicopter co-pilot gunners, drivers, Forward Air Controllers, artillery gunners and signallers, these are just a few of the options available to all members of the 7XBRF-GU upon completion of the relevant training.
To accommodate the complexity of a BRF into a realism gaming unit and to ensure that every role played is fulfilling, relevant and enjoyable, some roles have been omitted and the Orbat of the 7XBRF-GU is based on a 50% scale 2 troop construct of a real life BRF. The Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used within 7XBRF-GU are based on those used by the British Army. All TTPs used are there to enhance the gameplay expected to be found within a realism gaming unit, no TTPs are there to suppress the fun element which every member seeks in a realism gaming unit.

What’s different about 7XBRF-GU from other realism GUs?

Finally to ensure this level of enjoyment is maintained and that operations and missions are dynamic, 7XBRF-GU has an operational training and advisory group (OPTAG). This OPTAG provides support during Mission Specific and Pre-deployment Training (MST, PDT) by acting as human controlled Computer Generated Forces (CGF) working alongside and controlling the AI CGF. Missions and training can then be monitored and tailored in real time to maintain a level of gameplay that is both dynamic and responsible in its application of enemy TTPs to maintain a positive gaming experience for all members of the 7XBRF-GU.

To find more information about the Orbat and details of the career streams available within 7XBRF-GU follow the links below.

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