Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hi all I have been a bit slack this week but have still done a huge amount of work after finding out some info for putting out images from visitor I have solved a lot of problems that I did not know how to do.

I have now got roads on my satalite image so roads show now in game more than a 1000 meters away which makes it look how it should also I have now got more ground textures and can place them more in tune with the towns and get more precise coverage of  where I need what so it looks good in game and its now easy to get masks for textures.

I have placed all my new models from last week into a town I am making they look good next to the bis models makes the town feel lived in with all the clutter more roads were added in the town all in all its coming on well.

Next job is to sort the outside terrain as its not matching on the borders.

images to be added over the weekend

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