Monday, 10 March 2014

Hi all quick update now you will need to search properly when clearing compounds and houses as there could be a ammo cache hidden below a house or secret room behind a wall or inside a well  or underneath loose floor boards 

All Oa buildings will be made to have areas to hide objects caches or command posts in or around them.



Friday, 21 February 2014

Sangin update for Arma3

Some new images of some models that have been made by Mac maize plants and some gates have a new texture to break the copy and paste up thanks too Kirkwood

Hi all its taken a few weeks longer but we are in the final push now so won't be too long and I think you will be happy with the final result.

Changed from 10 meter cell down to 5 meters more ground detail now
A3 Configs for lighting water and animals added
Finished the missing 500 meters by 5k section of terrain at the bottom of the terrain so gained more ground to fight on
More place names for mso\alive and others to work with and for scripts to generate on the right places ai
50 more roads have been placed in and around the green zone it will make it more usable for ai and travel
Footpaths\tracks for ai to move through the alley ways and on more of the hill sides in the terrain
New walls and entrances and gates
More detailed environment using new terrain objects and some recycled bis mlods
Raised the height of all the surrounding terrain from the green zone so now you can see straight across the green zone when on the edge
Removed a lot of problem models that had errors bis and custom ones
Removed a lot of rocks that were placeholders on the edge of the terrain
Added more detailed compounds and places of interest Taliban and afghan buildings
Total overhaul of the ground compositions for buildings towns and villages